Thermal drones are the new hot thing.

Thermal camera’s offer many applications for businesses – especially when combined with a drone. We dedicated ourselves to developing and building thermal drones for professional use and have been building drones since 2013.


Flying a Customdrone is as easy as turning op the heating at home.


Get live view in HD and find the source of heat or cold.

Quickly operational

Up in the air in no time giving you instant overview of the situation.

Hufter proof

A Customdrone is designed to operate in dusty, windy and wet conditions. And it’s sturdy too.

What a drone can mean for your business

Our thermal drones


This is it. Our thermal drone. Designed and built to operate under all circumstances. Dust- and water resistant. And very robust. And after the drone had completed its task, it can easily be lifted and transported because of the ergonomic handle.

1 drone 3 different camera’s

We want to make choosing the right drone for your needs as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve preselected the best 3 sensors in the market at their respective price levels.


Camera 1

The cheapest option. Very easy to operate. Has the capability to switch between normal and thermal images for the best overview. Limited capacity for extra options.

DJI XT 2 camera

Camera 2

This camera offers more options and possibilities such as different lenses or higher image resolutions. It is modular, but heavier. It is not possible to switch between normal and thermal images.

special terminal camera

Camera 3

This drone was designed specifically for maximum user friendliness and options within the 4 kg range. The unique software allows it to trace drowning people, humans or animals autonomously. The user indicates a search area and the drone does its job automatically. When a heatsource is found, it will send an immediate alarm for the operator to act upon.

Easy Fly

Operating and flying a Customdrone is super easy: the drone can fly completely autonomously. This allows you to find a heat source quickly within a specified search area. Laws demand that the pilot always has the drone in eyesight and is able to intervene when needed. We will teach you how to do so in a course of just a few hours.

Easy Result

The images captured by the Customdrone can be viewed in live HD on various screens if wanted. It can also save the images on a memorycard for review after landing.

Our software

We use a variety of software. All very simple to use and user friendly – but varying in the level of freedom to change settings. The choice is completely depending on your preferences.

Full service

A drone is an important piece of machinery for your company. That’s why we believe it should always work. Should a malfunction arise or your drone is damaged in some way, we make sure you have a working drone at your disposal within 24 hours. This could be your repaired drone, or a spare. That’s why we value our 24/7 service.

Dutch legislation

Legislation for drones in the Netherlands is pretty straightforward. You will read all about it if you follow this link below.

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